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Your home is filled with the latest and greatest appliances and connected technology. We’re here to help make sure you’re getting the most from it with our helpful resources, education on your home’s energy efficiency features and frequently asked questions.

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Energy Efficiency Features


Your home is equipped with in-wall smart outlets, which enable wireless control of on/off functions and is compatible with various types of light bulbs. Your home also includes a Z-Wave enabled outlet for the lamp or appliance that you would like to control and a standard pass-through AC outlet for other electrical appliances.


Your Smart Neighborhood features a community-scale power system, or microgrid, built to generate energy for the neighborhood. The microgrid is able to generate more than 600,000 kWh of energy annually. It includes solar panels, battery storage and a backup generator. Your home receives energy from both the microgrid and the existing electric grid.


Induction cooking is a method of cooking food in metal pans using magnetic energy from induction coils beneath the ceramic cooktop on which the pans are placed. Induction range tops combine the versatility of gas with the wide temperature range of electric burners. Because induction temperatures don’t fluctuate, that’s perfect for melting chocolate.


Control your Smart Home with just your voice. With Amazon Echo, you can command Alexa to control the Vivint Complete, Carrier Infinity and Rheem EcoNet systems in your Smart Home. Visit All Things Alexa or our Resource Center to learn more about how you can use this smart technology to make your home more convenient.

Features of Your Home


Due to the connectivity of all the appliances in your Smart Neighborhood home, you have the ability to control them outside of peak times, even when you are not home.

  • Paperless billing: a convenient way to get your energy bills each month through your email.
  • Budget Billing: plan your energy expenses and spread your costs over 12 months with Budget Billing, upon eligibility. Budget Billing is a free service that averages the highs and lows of your electric bills by giving you an average price to pay each month. You pay the same amount in the end, but with Budget Billing it is levelized. Note that your Budget Billing amount may change over time as your average usage increases or decreases.
  • Auto-pay (Electronic funds transfer (EFT) – hassle-free bill-paying: we’ll do the work with automatic deductions from your checking account.

Contact Alabama Power for information to manage your account, find billing and rate plans, view payment options and learn how to save energy and money. Visit Alabama Power online or call Customer Service at 1-800-245-2244.  

The initial phase of data collection has ended. Second phase data collection will end December 2021 for extended research homeowners.

Please refer to your Homeowners Participation agreement for more information on changing out features.

If you are a homeowner who has signed up for the continued research period ending December 2021, the In-home Technologies (e.g., water heater, HVAC unit, sensor equipment, etc.) must remain with the home and shall not be removed or disconnected. Additionally, you agree not to replace the original In-Home Technologies during the original Project Period unless they cease to be operational or present a safety issues. IF you intend to replace the initial In-Home Technologies, you should notify us immediately.  Therefore, you should not be intending to take any of the technologies with you to your new home, nor replacing them prior to selling the home. More information can be found in your Homeowner Agreement Technology Stays with the Home (Section 9).

Our First Smart Neighborhood

Reynolds Landing was our first Smart Neighborhood in Alabama. Learn more about how this innovative project came to be and the headlines it made locally and nationally.

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Thank you to our partners for making the Reynolds Landing project possible.